… more specifically a cocktail, hosted by the same people who they should be questioning. Instead, what do we get? Four lines about a corporate cocktail.  

The biggest reforms to Fiji’s telecommunications industry are underway and the people who are supposed to inform us of developments have been made complacent with a few stubbies.

Readers should recognize that the Fiji Times is ill-equppied to raise their concerns with stakeholders.

Of course, this raises serious questions about conflicts-of-interest.  Should news reporters accept being wined-and-dined by corporate entities at the center of on-gong developments?

Are they serving the best interest of their readers?  To date, we have yet to get a serious statement from anyone inside ATH or TFL about the process to deregulate the industry.

TFL hosts media (Wednesday, December 12, 2007)

IT was one of those functions journalists from all media outlets usually look forward to.

Telecom Fiji Limited hosted the local media members to a Christmas cocktail.

This was no ordinary cocktail as it was held at the TFL’s corporate box at the Post Fiji Stadium.

And with the cool Laucala breeze and the lovely food it was definitely a night to remember for those who attended.

Does TFL understand something we don’t?

They can keep the public in the dark by supplying the boozehounds of the media?