Word from an online source about upgrades to the Southern Cross Cable infrastructure.  Expanded capacity to deal with the growth in traffic expected from upcoming move to full deregulation and increased competition.  Unless and until FINTEL is forced to give up its exclusive control of Fiji’s international telecom gateway, we will not have real competition in the internet market. 

Fiji’s ICT sector is expected to benefit greatly from the upgrading in capacity of Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN)SCCN will have ten times its original capacity once the upgrade is complete. George Samisoni, manager for commercial and business development and Fijian telco FINTEL, said that the upgrade would result in more capacity available for FINTEL to purchase in order to cater for continuing demand. He added that the capacity upgrade will also allow FINTEL to more readily face competition when Fiji’s telecoms market is fully deregulated in June 2009