Digicel is used to a fightDigicel has been properly welcomed to the realities of doing business in Fiji.  Several of their sites across the country were hit by thefts and vandalism.  According to the Fiji Times article:

It has been confirmed that equipment at sites in Tavua, Sigatoka and Suva have been stolen.

According to sources, copper wire from sites in Rabulu, Tavua, Nacuva Street in Suva, Sigatoka and the Malawai Honey Farm in Nadi have been stolen.

In the article, the Digicel representative turned down opportunity to comment further on their upcoming launch (finally, someone smart enough not to make a comment to a FT reporter).

Mr Pritchard also refused to comment on the current progress of preparatory work ahead of the company’s launch in October.

In additional news, an Indian technology firm has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Telecom Fiji.  The deal with Tech Mahindra is largely seen as an effort by Telecom Fiji to develop new offerings to remain competitive in the new era of deregulation:

“Looking at Tech Mahindra’s capabilities, we are also exploring possibilities of leveraging on each others strengths to work together as global services partners for providing ICT services within Oceania region to our enterprise customers. We are very hopeful that this relationship will be further developed and can help us grow our service offerings and our reach in the global market,” TFL CEO Taito Tabaleka said .