FijiLive provides the back story:

In February this year, the Government approved a licence for Digicel to operate a mobile phone service in Fiji in October, bringing in competition to Fiji’s monopolised mobile phone sector.

In May, when asked about Digicel’s licence, Ricketts had told that Digicel (Fiji) was expected to get its licence after the Government and the operator “sorted out a few details”.

A month later, the two parties are still ‘negotiating details”.

Ricketts had also said then that Digicel hadn’t yet paid its $US10.25 million (F$15.44m) bid offer (following which the company would be issued the licence).

“Once these details are sorted out, they will pay that (the amount) and will get the licence,” Ricketts said in May.

Today, Digicel’s business development manager, Thomas Underwood said that the meeting was just closing issues.