Domain names will now be opened up to languages that use non-latin characters opening up the internet to languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Korean, etc.  See this discussed along with some other developments (2:00 length):

Other Cerfisms:

Obama’s Blackberry: it’s really easy to fake the source of an email address and this is the real problem.  In a chain of emails, how would you determine which one is fake and how would you undo the damage in the chain? or determine responsibility or liability?

Fiber vs. wire: satellite footprint like O3B have alot of promise, but ultimately it will be a mix depending on geography and population density.

net-neutrality: non-discriminatory access for anyone, so that innovators are not hindered.  If Google founders had to deal with every ISP to let people get access to their site, then Google would never have been the success it is.