Dr. Semmoto is the most unusual speaker I came across at this conference.  That’s saying quite a bit when you have people like Vint Cerf present, as well.

He’s the founder of a handful of companies and they all seem to go on to be valued billions of dollars.  His present company Emobile Ltd. is a mobile internet venture.  He described at length how his company has risen to the top of the heap.  Keys to success:

* plans ranging from $10 to $50 USD for unlimited use

* giving away netbooks as a means to get users to sign up (he also pointed out that these are new customers at not those stolen from mobile voice providers)

Dr. Semmoto’s entrepreneurial spirit burns extremely bright and he’s an example of the kind of daredevils that are drawn to mobile internet.  He chafed under the bureaucracy at established player, NTT Docomo and went on to found the #2 mobile operator in Japan today, leaving it when it “became too bureaucratic”.

Emobile is his 5th company.  He urges young entrepreneurs to take inspiration from the fact that he founded his latest ‘baby’ well into his 60’s.

He truly is an inspiration for any entrepreneur

clip length 1:20