With numerous VOIP solutions out there, it’s impossible for even large publishers like PC Magazine or CNet to review and be knowledgeable of all of them.  The free-for-all atmosphere means an ever-shifting landscape of offerings.

The Magic Jack retails for $40 USD and requires a $20 annual service agreement

The Magic Jack retails for $40 USD and requires a $20 USD annual service agreement

This past weekend, I received a call on my mobile phone and saw a phone number from a 312 area code (Chicago, IL) trying to reach me.

I picked up the phone call and found it was none other than a CW tipster and early supporter, calling me from Fiji.

Just like that, the Coconut Wireless had been MagicJacked!

A free phone call between a MagicJack-powered PC in Fiji and a mobile phone in the United States, shows the power that VOIP offers to the consumer.  Read the PC Magazine review here.

For over a year, late-night television in the United States have featured infomercials and advertisements for a product called MagicJack.  I never paid any attention to it till now.

The MagicJack at work

The MagicJack at work

The device retails for $40USD and the cost of annual service is $20USD.  Setup and configuration is straightforward and the registration process allows you to register a US phone number to make and receive phone calls.  I am not sure how this would work for those living outside the United States.

The device connects to your PC via a USB 2.0 port.  You can plug in any phone to the device.

Disruptive technology in the hands of empowered users means that the monkeys will often get the better of you

When disruptive technologies are put in the hands of users,  they will often surpass expectations with ingenious ways of finding applications for the technology.

MagicJack was intended as a service to offer almost free domestic calling to anyone in the US.  Since, its only requirement is a broadband connection, it is possible to use the device to make and receive calls to and from any number in North America.

If you have business or relatives in North America, it may be well worth it to you to try this device.

The philosophy of this site has always been that empowered users will seek out solutions for themselves.