Since yesterday, a flurry of blog posts and emails  have been circulating claiming the government is interfering in the operations of the telecommunications companies. Bloggers have jumped on these unsubstantiated rumors and reprinted the original post, helping to give credibility to untrue claims.

In response Vodafone CEO, Aslam Khan, has been sending out emails following a press release to make it clear to journalists that there has been no government interference:

Bula Jason,
To further clarify  >> there has been no interference to vfone operations todate .

[the only time the soldiers came to vfone offices was in Dec 2006  with a written notification to disconnect all the Govt Ministers  mobiles ..which we did after informing the respective Ministers].

On restriction of Internet ..again no such directive has been given .  Also the  Internet Gateway via Southern cross ..which is controlled by FINTEL .. I have spoken to my colleague CEO, Tuilakepa, and he confirms NO
interference from anyone .

so someone for whatever reason is blogging and spreading false romours and
we are just communicating to advise that it is not true.

my number is +679 999 8200 ..anyone can talk to me to seek further

hope this helps .


Bloggers are acting maliciously and readers are urged to be very skeptical of news and information released on blogs and other sources.  Bloggers printing this information are guilty of trying to sensationalize news and gain from Fiji’s present situation.

This is a poignant time to to remind readers of the ramifications of relying on blogs for news. It is very important that readers be able to judge the quality of information they come across online.  All unsubstantiated claims should be treated with skepticism and hesitation until confirmed by official sources.