Alcatel-Lucent and Tatung University have announced the launch of Taiwan’s first WiMAX 16e campus network. The project will foster research and innovation in wireless broadband technologies.

Such deployments are crucial to rolling out commercial services:

“Before deploying WiMAX application services in the commercial market, field testing and evaluation are crucial. Tatung University’s network not only proves WiMAX’s capabilities in real life but also provides a wealth of data as well as an R&D environment for WiMAX developers and research institutes,” said C.Y. Hsu, the leader of Tatung University’s Wireless Broadband Laboratory.

Tatung Infocomm, a local operator, seeks to launch it’s commercial WiMAX offering in the near future. Everyone involved  agree on what is possible over WiMAX:

Tatung University and Alcatel-Lucent are also demonstrating WiMAX technology’s maturity through various innovative, state-of-the-art WiMAX application services, including smart metering, digital video surveillance systems, IPTV, PS3 gaming , IMS, and high-speed video streaming.

The maturing of WiMAX as a technology should mean greater consideration for deployment from operators in the Pacific.