More dissension in the ATH family. Several tipsters forwarded me an email that has recently been circulated by KIDANET support. It appears that Connect is blocking email messages originating from KIDANET users. This is an unfortunate development and one we hope is resolved quickly. The era of liberalisation should be marked by fair competition, not petty displays such as this.

Regulatory authorities must be vigilant against this type of behavior and should have the ability to slap fines and other sanctions in a timely manner. 

Here is the email:

Dear KIDANET customer,

We have been alerted today (6 July) to a problem KIDANET
customers are having sending emails to connect addresses.
If you or your business is using a email address
or if your domain is hosted by KIDANET, it is likely your
emails are not being delivered.

The error message displayed for failed email messages is  :

(reason: 550 #5.7.1 Your access to submit messages to this
e-mail system has been rejected.)

At this point, it appears that Conect’s mailservers are
blocking KIDANET hosted emails
for an, as of yet, undetermined
reason. We are pushing for immediate resolution and consider
this issue the highest priority.

We will advise KIDANET customers again shortly if we do not
see a fast response to this issue from Connect’s side.

Thank you for your continuing business.

KIDANET Customer Support