From Pacific Business News Online, we have news on a conference on Micro-finance. There have been many recent posts on mobile phones and the impact they can have on the delivery of financial services. In the Pacific, it is key to unlocking the potential of our people.  Delivery of these services should be a key benchmark for measuring the success of telecom sector liberalisation.

There is a great deal of interest to make this work in the Pacific:

IFC (International Finance Corporation) is the principal sponsor of Pacific Microfinance Week 2009, a week-long series of events, meetings and gatherings of a range of organisations and individuals that share an interest in promoting the provision of inclusive and sustainable financial services in the Pacific. IFC’s Access to Finance programme forms part of a regional Advisory Services program to improve private sector development in the Pacific. The governments of Australia, Japan, and New Zealand are IFC’s donor partners.

Events like these will hopefully generate interest and bring about movement. Improving access to finance is really one of those key areas that we should seek to strengthen expertise–it really is a key benefit that this technology can provide.