There will be 250 million mobile Internet subscribers by the end of 2009. A post on GigaOm goes into great depth about the state of wireless broadband. By September of this year EMEA (Europe, M. East, Africa) will have 60 million subscribers, North America 37 million, and Asia-Pacific will have 56 million mobile broadband users. All indicative of the reality that mobile broadband will be a key gateway for users to get onto the Internet.

These are all signs that the emerging wireless broadband network — regardless of the networking protocol is good for innovators and innovation. More entrepreneurs should be thinking about leveraging this wireless broadband platform in a more meaningful fashion. In developing and emerging markets, this could see technology helping people overcome everyday struggles and generate whole new sectors to economies.

The graphic below helps put the emergence of mobile broadband in context:

wireline vs. mobile

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Again from Gigaom, the connection between faster speeds and innovation:

Social networking has been another beneficiary of faster speeds and greater adoption. With 1 Mbps connections (or better yet, 5 Mbps) checking in on Facebook or even Twitter is a quick and easy process. Faster speeds have resulted in more video online as well, leading to the creation of companies a similar trend emerge in the mobile world, with companies that use the faster network plus mobility as the platform on which to build their businesses. And since mobile broadband has the potential to reach more people, there’s potential for innovation to come from all over the world. such as YouTube, Hulu and even Skype. We’re going to see

The table below has information on the deployment of mobile broadband networks around the globe:

3g Network Deployments

For now, it seems HSPA, aka High Speed Packet Access, the 3G wireless broadband technology, rules the planet. HSPA is a common term used to embrace all acronyms for HSDPA and HSUPA as well as HSPA+, which refer to different standards for data transfer over mobile networks.