Thanks to the hard work of Dionisia Tabureguci, the Coconut Wireless has been featured in July’s edition of Pacific Islands Business Magazine. It is a matter of great pride for me to have to this site referred to in a publication like Islands Business. It’s all part of an effort to give the public a better understanding of how telecommunications affects the future of our islands.

Recently, I came across this article via the Radio New Zealand website, that included the following:

The Fiji Village reports Commission Chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy saying all calls come in to the country must pass through FINTEL’S lending station.

It quotes Dr Reddy saying they have received complaints that the access rate is quite high and a process to review the access rate will soon be conducted.

The word they wanted to use is ‘landing station’. The typo is small, yet it is indicative of the unfamiliarity the media has with covering these issues. Quite simply, more should be expected from the media.

Dionisia indicated to me a while back that despite earlier mention of the “Telecommunications Authority of Fiji” being created to handle regulating the sector, the responsibility would fall onto the shoulders of the Commerce Commission.

I am not sure if Dr. Reddy visits this site, but judging by his inability to explain to the public why Fiji continues to face such high costs and calls for yet another inquiry, it would be a fair assumption that he is not a reader of this site. It really is a pity as developing the regulatory capacity of the Pacific region really is one of the key aims of this site.

Without a powerful regulator that is knowledgeable of how these issues are affecting Fiji, the citizens of the country cannot expect real change to be forthcoming.