Singapore's approach for clear and transparent pricing

After the post featuring Singapore’s broadband, I’ve been researching extensively the Infocomm Development Authority in Singapore to glean information about how the government there is pushing operators to assist it in its wiring of Singapore society.

Features of the NBN (next-generation broadband network) include a guaranteed 25mbps connection for every household. From every level, the regulator is heavily involved in determing the price, the only way to ensure the consumer gets innovative and competitive priced services.This objective is obtained by dividing the sector into 3 levels. The NetCo, the OpCo, and the RSPs. This will be explained in more detailed manner in upcoming posts.

In Fiji, sharing of passive and active network infrastructure is something that we should keep an eye on to ensure service can reach all our users. The duplication of infrastructure has been cited as burdensome to the overall objective of retailers providing cheaper service.