A core function of this website is to draw attention to the behavior of telecom operators in this country. Well, my attention was drawn to something on Vodafone’s website:

Once again, Vodafone displays just how badly out of touch they are with the market

Yes, that’s right FJD 2,300 for an Apple iPhone. Is that an iPhone 4? Even then, the pricing is preposterously out of line. These retailers are fully aware that they should be subsidizing the price of the handset to encourage more people to use mobile Internet. Instead, they put forward pricing that only hinders adoption of these devices.

This is a new campaign from Vodafone and coming so close to government review of telecoms policy, they are showing themselves to be deficient in their understanding of what competition is supposed to bring to users in Fiji.

How is the average user in Fiji supposed to afford this? This is sadly indicative of how far these telcoms are from the kind of view they should have for widening the market.

Vodafone often draws the ire of this website. It is because they do things are just so outrageously out-of-line with a company that should be interested in expanding the reach of service to all customers in Fiji.

This is proof that government will have to step in with not just firm guidelines, but a fundamental re-ordering of the telcoms sector.

This simply cannot continue anymore.