It has been over a month since the Consumer Commission’s determination to lower wholesale pricing for retail ISPs. The ruling outlined that Consumer Council would be monitoring the situation to ensure that consumers received the benefits from these lower prices.

In that much time no local retail ISP has told either existing customers or new ones of any change in pricing to their offerings. Some readers have received emails of ‘upgrade offers’ from Connect, which is not what the Consumer Council had in mind when it handed down the ruling.They have begun informing the media of retailers failure to comply:

A survey by the Consumer Council since 1st July 2010 revealed that internet rates by the ISPs have not dropped as consumers had expected after the Commission’s determination. While the Council understands that a drop in rates may be reflected in customers’ July bills, the ISPs have not made any changes to the rates nor formally informed customers of new rates.

Again, it’s the failure to bring down the pricing for entry-level offerings that is most flagrant:

For instance, entry-level comparable wireless services by Vodafone and Connect remain at $39.95 and $39.50 per month respectively. Also the rates for the higher end of this consumer segment have not changed from $59.95 per month for both internet service providers. Unwired’s and Kidanet rates have remained the same.

Retailers have been given fair warning and expectations were clearly outlined. Once again businesses in Fiji are getting away with not mistreating the consumer.

And they are doing this to the detriment of the country.

In an upcoming post, I will outline where retail pricing should be at to help launch Fiji’s growth up the hockey stick.