For most of the past three years, this site has mostly been while I have been based in Hawaii and  California. At the moment, I am visiting Fiji–the first time I have done so since I created this site.

CW goes looking for those responsible for horrible connectivity situation in Fiji. Let's hope I can "get to da choppah!"

I am making the most of my limited time here to meet with industry and other stakeholders. It’s all part of a continued effort to better understand where industry is headed and what role this site can continue to play to help bring about better results for technology users in Fiji.

Trying to publish from Fiji has been quite a challenge. I could not successfully load the WordPress website on several PCs at first. It’s a problem I attribute to the poor broadband connectivity that users in Fiji suffer with on a daily basis. I’ve managed to find a decent connection at a friends’ office at USP and am putting up these limited posts from here.

For now, I’m concentrating effort on gathering as much information and meeting with as many people as possible. When I return to the US, I will begin compiling and publishing information gathered from this trip. In the meantime, I will continue to put up short posts when I can convince my friend to let me borrow his office at USP 🙂