On August 2nd, ISP Connect revealed their new service offerings and pricing. New pricing was to reflect the more than 60% reduction in wholesale pricing put forward by the June 4th Commerce Commission ruling. Needless to say, the promises from ISPs to pass on savings to consumers will not materialize.

Talk to ISPs in the region and they will say that the high wholesale prices resulting from a lack of international pipes are the reason Fiji suffers from such high prices. So, what do they do when given the opportunity to pass on savings to their customers, a sleight-of-hand trick to increase data caps and token reductions in price.

If it was not clear before, Connect’s ‘new pricing’ should make it abudnantly clear to regulators that barring a massive intervention, these companies will not change their behavior.

They view the consumers in Fiji as a captive market and their pricing reflects no inclination to bring in new customers or create any dynamism in the marketplace.

So much could be said about this table:

PLAN Old DataCap
Old Rental
New DataCap
New Rental
256kbps 3 $39.50 5 $35.00
512kbps (1) 4 $89.50 6 $80.00
512kbps (2) 8 $125.00 10 $110.00
512kbps (3) 12 $199.00 14 $180.00
1024kbps 20 $299.00 22 $260.00
2048kbps 32 $499.00 40 $450.00
256kbps After Dark** $39.50 After Dark** $35.00

NOMAD 64kbps 0.5 $29.00 1 $29.00
NOMAD 128kbps 1 $33.95 2 $33.95
NOMAD 512kbps 6 $59.95 10 $59.95