Reading the Fiji Times last week, I came across an article which included the following from a local Westpac Bank employee:

Fiji is at the doorstep of e-commerce. The bank understands that this means changes in the way that we currently do business in Fiji and Westpac is ready to take this journey with our customers

But, if the technology entrepreneurs and consumers of Fiji have largely been left out of trends like e-commerce that have swept across more developed economies over the past 15 years, then they are not alone.

According to another article in the Economic Times, India has an estimated 35 million Small and Medium-scale Enterprises, out of which only about 200,000 have an online presence through domains, sub-domains and blogs.

These businesses are squarely in the sights of Google, which is keen to help all these enterprises set up shopfronts online. As they cater to this new market, they will make discoveries and innovations that will only lower the cost of doing business online–something that will benefit Pacific Islanders trying to set up an online presence for their ventures.