On June 25th, O3B Networks successfully launched 4 of its satellites into orbit. It hopes to have the full complement of 8 satellites in space by the end of the year.

Successfully launched on June 25th

Successfully launched on June 25th

This marks a huge accomplishment.

You can watch the Youtube clip of the launch here.

A blog post on the company website provides further detail on upcoming activities. First up for the


The PFM satellite (M001) has successfully completed the initial orbital maneuver (see snap shot below for demonstration). The satellite remained in contact throughout the 45 minutes activity transitioning from the Lurin, Peru to Nemea, Greece gateway without difficulty or issue.

The thrusters and associated orbit control software worked flawlessly. Each satellite will be raised via a series of five maneuvers over a five day period. The initial burns for each satellite are separated by two days. We expect all satellites to be at mission orbit within two weeks of the launch. Upon completion of the series of maneuvers, each satellite will proceed into Payload In Orbit testing.