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It has been over a month since the Consumer Commission’s determination to lower wholesale pricing for retail ISPs. The ruling outlined that Consumer Council would be monitoring the situation to ensure that consumers received the benefits from these lower prices.

In that much time no local retail ISP has told either existing customers or new ones of any change in pricing to their offerings. Some readers have received emails of ‘upgrade offers’ from Connect, which is not what the Consumer Council had in mind when it handed down the ruling. Read the rest of this entry »


On June 4th, the Commerce Commission released its report titled PRICE AND ACCESS DETERMINATION FOR SOUTHERN CROSS CAPACITY AND NETWORK. You can access the full report on the Commision’s website and it’s also provided for download here.

schedule of price changes

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This site has repeatedly pointed out that FINTEL’s dominance over the telecommunications market in Fiji is perhaps the key stumbling block for progress in the industry. Last week saw the highlighting of yet another conflict and its eventual resolution. While stakeholders have to be commended for arriving at quick resolution, we have to wonder whether these small incidents are part of a larger anti-competitive stance being taken by FINTEL. Pricing, innovation, and the offering of new services are all being held back because of FINTEL’s dominance. This will remain unchanged until there is investment in a secondary fibre cable or satellite alternative.

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